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  • Water Activated Tape

    An environmentally friendly tape solution

    Water activated tape (WAT) is an enviromentally-friendly solution that can be recycled with the box, eliminating process separation.


    This paper tape with a water activated adhesive​ bonds instantly to both virgin & recycled corrugate​. It is tamper evident & not affected by extreme temperatures. We offer a wide variety of stock tapes, & our experts are ready to design a custom solution for you!

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    Interested in a water activated tape solution?

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    Seal with Curby®

    Your small business or home office can send secure & strong packages by using this lightweight water-activated tape (WAT) dispenser to seal cartons fast. 

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    Customizable Solution

    Customizing your water activated tape is a cost effective way to enhance your customers' unboxing experience. Advertise your brand with every shipment by printing on your WAT in a variety of colors.

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    Enhanced Security

    Water activated glue creates a liquid seal the deeply penetrates the box fibers. Boxes sealed with WAT can’t be opened without leaving a broken seal​.