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  • Sustainability

    We are leading the transition to a more sustainably packaged future

    At Landsberg Orora, we work diligently to create packaging solutions that reduce the impact on the environment while also improving your business’ bottom line.


    Our experts provide environmentally friendly solutions that bring your company’s sustainability goals to life. We achieve this by offering services focused on: 

    ✓ Products & processes that minimize the impact on the environment


    ✓ Socially & environmentally responsible supply chain solutions


    ✓ Optimizing package weight & size


    ✓ Over-packaging elimination


    ✓ Product damage reduction & waste prevention

    In order to support the communities we do business in, we also specifically aim to ensure:

    Compliance with relevant environmental legislation

    Reduction of pollution, energy consumption & waste

    Environmental & energy objectives are met

    Our goal is to work in partnership with both our customers & our suppliers to play a role in protecting & preserving the planet for the future. We are consistently reviewing new ways in which we can help protect the planet through our products & services.

    Masterbox DXP

    Our New EcoTargets

    Our Eco Targets are aimed at addressing the main environmental impacts we have through reducing CO2e (greenhouse gas emissions), water use & waste to landfill.

    Sustainable Corrugated Solutions

    Our in-house digital printer can take your corrugated packaging to the next level with high-quality graphics paired with environmentally-friendly processes.