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  • A Recipe for Success: Sustainable Packaging for Natures Bakery

    Executive Summary:


    Nature’s Bakery, a premier snack bar brand, partnered with our Landsberg Orora team to develop new sustainable packaging films and cartons for their bars as part of a rebranding project. Doing so led to a 15% increase in sales and $2 million in savings on packaging materials.


    Challenges & Objectives:


    Nature’s Bakery had a problem with their previous branding – when they asked consumers about their company through market research and surveys, many of the respondents thought the company name was Fig Bar & not Nature’s Bakery (given the prominence of the Fig Bar wording on the packaging). In addition, their previous branding did not attract their target audience of moms with young children.


    Nature's Bakery's objective was to identify themselves better in the snack bar market & grow market share in this new target market.


    How Landsberg's Team Helped:


    Though the Nature’s Bakery team knew how they wanted to rebrand, they weren’t sure how to translate that new branding onto the food packaging itself.


    The Landsberg Orora packaging design & account management teams worked directly with Nature’s Bakery’s Marketing team to determine how to best apply the new branding they had developed onto the packaging.

    Orora’s design team conducted a load analysis & structural analysis & then redesigned the entire packaging line for 50 items. This included the primary packaging films around the bars, the cartons, club packs, & retail point of purchase displays to showcase the new branding.


    The rebranding gave the Nature’s Bakery team the opportunity to analyze and identify additional ways to reduce cost and improve the sustainability of the packaging materials used in their entire product line.


    As a result, the Landsberg Orora’s team was able to remove all of the inner packaging from the club packs in an attempt to reduce costs. This ultimately reduced Nature’s Bakery’s paper packaging by 30% and saved over $2 million in packaging spend.


    Moreover, the design team also moved 90% of the films for the bar packaging to non-solvent water based inks. This shift toward more environmentally-friending printing materials and processes reduced Nature’s Bakery’s impact on the environment without increasing their prices.

    The Results:


    At the end of this 6-month project, Nature’s Bakery achieved the following results:

    • 15% increase in sales
    • Reduced paper packaging by 30%
    • Savings of $2 million in carton packaging for club store packs


    Nature’s Bakery continues to experience market share growth and continues to partner with Landsberg Orora to further increase the efficiency of their packaging and processes.