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  • Strategic Accounts

    A Global Team Dedicated To You

    Landsberg Orora's Strategic Account Team provides multi-location customers with personalized, value-added services designed to lower their overall total cost of doing business. Our team ensures you receive the highest standard of service & products at every one of your locations - both nationally & globally. 

    Our Strategic Accounts Group focuses on:

    -Centralized Services


    -Vendor Standardization

    -Multi-Location Support


    -Packaging Design & Engineering

    -Sutainability Efforts


    -Innovation & New Concepts

    Consolidated Costs & Efforts

    The Strategic Account Team’s expertise enables your business to consolidate its supplier base, standardize products, & improve inventory management while maintaining consistent & competitive pricing. 

    Global Scale

    Our global scale allows us to source & manufacture over 100,000 products & manage the supply chain to thousands of locations throughout North America, Europe, & Asia while you focus on your core business processes. 

    Interested in our Strategic Accounts services? Get in touch today!