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  • Shrink Film and Waste

    Shrink film is a customizable, extruded plastic that shrinks when heat is applied. It’s typically used as a form of tamper evident packaging, dust protection, item bundling, unitization or containment. Shrink film can also be printed on, providing an excellent opportunity for branding products, making them stand out on the shelf. It's usually made from Polyolefin, Polypropylene, or PVC & Polyethylene. To date, various shrink film options have many downsides including harmful chemicals, a finicky temperature range, with more responsible options being more expensive. The Cryovac CT Series of Shrink Film offers the same benefits as traditional shrink film while also shrinking waste and overall environmental impacts.

    Cryovac CT Series (300, 500, 700)

    Cryovac CT Series of shrink films, which includes the 3XX – 7XX, offers micro-layered technology which combines 25-50 inner layers sandwiched between substrate and outer layers creating a better overall shrink performance. The CT series also boasts the ability to save on labor and material costs as the shrink film goes further than other products reducing change over and waste.


    Features, Advantages, & Benefits:

    • Material Reduction– Less shrink film needed per package
    • Cost Reduction - Less film inventory
    • Labor Savings - Fewer Roll Changeovers
    • Energy Savings – Potential Lower Energy Consumption
    • Efficiency Improvements – Higher production efficiencies

    There are several variations within each series which gets confusing quickly! Fear not, there is a naming convention that breaks it all down. Each digit represents a different series, variation, and gauge respectively.


    Cryovac CT-3XX  Cryovac CT-X0X Cryovac CT-XX1
    3 = All Purpose Series 0 = General  1 = Lightest Guage
    4 = Ultra Soft Shrink Series  1 = Anti-fog 2 = 38 Guage 
    5 = Soft Shrink Series 2 = Corona Treated  3 = 42 Guage
    7 = High Speed Series  3 = Silicone 4 = 55 Guage 
      4 = Tacky 5 = 70 Guage 
        6 = 90 Guage
        8 = 150 Guage

    CT-300 Series

    A high-tensile, tear, and trim seal strength film that seals on most shrink equipment systems and is available in six gauges (30, 42, 55, 70, 90, and 150).

    CT-500 Series

    Requires a lower shrink energy compared to CT-300, with the CT504 and CT-505 being USPS-approved for mailer flats. The film provides ease-of-use with a wide operating window, and is ideal for printed materials, lightweight trayed items, and odd-shaped products. CT-500 Series is available in 4 gauges (30, 42, 55, and 70).

    CT-700 Series

    Has a high modulus and is stiffer for high-speed applications. They are the best films for high-speed single wound applications (100+ packages/minute), and for invisible static overlap seals. The CT-700 series of film seals best on hot wire shrink equipment systems and are available in 2 gauges: 30ga and 38ga. Applications for the 700 series include uniform shaped boxes, frozen foods, window-box packages.

    You can reduce waste. What about time?

    There are a wide range of options that can greatly reduce packaging times. From Shrink Tunnels, Manual machines like the I-Bar, Semi-auto/Automatic like the L-bar, and fully automated like the Form, Fill and Seal.


      Packages Per Minute