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  • The Benefits of Printed Shrink Film

    As product offerings continue to evolve and broaden, the requirements for effective packaging need to adapt and respond to the ever changing market. How you package a product affects the speed, cost, impact of your product and most importantly, influences customer behavior. Printed shrink film is a compelling packaging solution for brands who want to stand out, optimize production and minimize waste.


    In a world of impulse shoppers and saturated shelves, energizing your packaging is vital for success. According to a study conducted by Neilson, “64% of consumers claim to have purchased something new because the packaging caught their attention.” There are a variety of printed shrink films that meet all printing and graphic needs that increase product visibility and highlights designs that resonate with consumers.  With no restrictions on the number of available colors, companies can increase their imagery capabilities and deliver an engaging printed package.


    Printed shrink film eliminates extra packaging steps. It replaces paper labels, chipboard and J-board sleeves, eradicating excess packaging materials and cost. Optimizing production is a powerful, yet simple way to increase margins and improve packaging line efficiencies. Printed shrink film capabilities also allow for easy multi-packing and cross brand collaborations. Dole and Nabisco recently came together to promote a cereal and raisin combo pack. Printed shrink film was the most cost effective solution with opportunity to showcase the promotion while providing one printed master UPC, resulting in a flawless execution at checkout.


    Not only does printed shrink film help you stand out in a crowded marketplace, by outshining competition and streamline packaging production, it also helps reduce your carbon footprint. A reduction in carbon emissions and overall waste is beneficial for business, consumers and the environment alike. Going green is not just a fad. According to a 2017 cone communications CSR study, 87% of millennial Americans would buy a product with an environmental benefit. Another recent study conducted in the US and UK revealed that, “Over half of digital consumers say environmental concerns impact their purchasing decisions.” Being environmentally conscious is not just the right thing to for the good of the planet, it’s the right thing to do for the success of the business. Providing sustainably packaged materials can give a brand leverage in a competitive market. Using printed shrink film helps brands by minimizing their use of single use packaging materials, ultimately reducing the impact packaging has on the environment.

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