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  • Five Signs You Should Consider a Packaging Solutions Partner

    Your business has to worry about increasing sales & margins, enhancing productivity, improving efficiency & reducing costs. The packaging process ultimately affects all of the above. But, you may not have the team, the resources or the in-house expertise needed to analyze the packaging process & determine the solutions needed to reduce its effects on those elements of the business.


    From rising shipping costs & new design projects, to reducing labor costs & increasing efficiency, the packaging process can be overwhelming.

    We have compiled a list of five common issues businesses face with their packaging processes & determined how working with a packaging solutions partner can:


    ✓ Reduce costs


    ✓ Increase productivity


    ✓ Provide optimization

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    Sign 1: Rising Freight Costs

    There are a number of factors that may contribute to rising freight costs, including but not limited to:

    ● Over-packaging (larger box than required, too much cushioning or void fill material, etc.)

    ● Excess material in primary packaging

    ● A combination of packaging materials not specifically customized for the product


    You can combat rising freight costs & overcome these packaging challenges by redesigning your packaging. A packaging solutions partner can help you determine the most cost-effective packaging solution in a short period of time. We recently wrote a whitepaper about the benefits of packaging redesign and how it can reduce your overall shipping costs as well. 


    Freight costs will also increase as FedEx & UPS utilize dimensional weight pricing. So, if you have not evaluated your product’s primary (packaging that touches the product) or secondary packaging (transport packaging materials), you may want to consider different packaging design options.


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    Sign 2: Increases in Shipping Damage

    If your products are routinely arriving at their destinations damaged, you may want to:

    • Re-examine the existing packaging materials you are using 
    • Evaluate the current palletizing process
    • Test the existing packaging to ensure you are not under-packing your product


    Working with a packaging solutions partner allows you to rely on their expertise in order to select the most cost-effective materials customized for your specific products. For example, the solutions provider may help you select the right board & liner combination for your corrugated box so that it protects the product without over-packaging. Sometimes switching to a different material or dimension can make a dramatic impact as well. In any case, working with a packaging solutions partner can help you quickly identify the right protective packaging for your product.


    Testing is also critical for preventing shipping damage in the future. A packaging solutions partner can test multiple solutions for you in order to recommend the best solution guaranteed to protect the product. Learn more about our ISTA Certified Labs and testing capabilities here:

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    Sign 3: Manual Processes

    Higher production levels are great for business, but they can often mean higher labor costs & decreases in efficiency if your business’ packaging processes are mostly manual. Automation is perhaps one of the best methods for reducing labor costs & increasing efficiency. As you begin to consider automation in your warehouse, determine:


    ● What are your labor costs?

    ● When did you last evaluate or invest in equipment?

    ● What costs related to workplace injuries have you incurred?


    By working with a packaging solutions partner that provides equipment & automation, you can source materials & equipment from the same supplier, develop a customized solution, optimize your warehouse, receive on-site training & ongoing maintenance & support. You can then also consistently test, validate & review your processes for continuous efficiency.

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    Sign 4: Self-Managed Inventories and Logistics

    If you currently manage your logistics & inventories, third-party logistics & vendor-managed inventories are excellent cost-saving alternatives you may want to consider. The right packaging solutions partner can conduct an overall business review to propose solutions for improving your supply chain & assume the responsibility of effectively managing your stock levels.


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    Sign 5: You Are Currently Working with Multiple Suppliers and Distributors

    In order to solve some of the previously mentioned problems, you may be working with multiple vendors & providers. Maybe you are sourcing primary packaging materials from one supplier & secondary packaging materials from various distributors & suppliers. You could be working with one company for one piece of equipment & another for other automation solutions.

    Lastly, you could be managing internal resources or a variety of third party solutions for your logistics & inventory procedures. While this may work for a while, as sales increase, keeping up with every different vendor may become overwhelming. Working with the right packaging solutions partner, like Landsberg Orora, allows you to partner with a one stop shop for everything you need to deliver your products to your end customers. 

    By working with one total packaging solutions partner that can provide the materials, equipment, automation services, logistics services, inventory services & ongoing maintenance & support, you can:


    ● Streamline your procurement efforts with cost-effective packaging

    ● Maximize efficiency throughout the integrated packaging process

    ● Maintain one point of responsibility if any issues arise in the supply chain

    ● Reduce your overall costs

    Landsberg Orora is a total packaging solutions provider that partners with you to develop an integrated packaging solution that is customized to fit your business’ unique challenges & needs. Our knowledgeable packaging consultants provide value-added services including custom packaging design, automation & engineered packaging solutions, logistics support, vendor managed inventory, stock packaging supplies & more. To further discuss your business objectives or to schedule a free packaging consultation, please contact us through Live Chat or at solutions@landsberg.com.