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  • Why Fulfillment Services Have a Growing Value

    It is impossible to deny that the eCommerce industry is on the rise. But what does this shift to an eCommerce platform really mean for the different enterprises involved? It means an increase in online orders. As a result, fulfillment services are becoming a growing trend while many businesses attempt to provide the shortest length of shipping days for the cheapest price possible.


    Khalid Saleh writes in his blog post “The Importance of Same Day Delivery - Statistics and Trends” that the opportunity for same-day delivery makes 49% of shoppers more inclined to shop online. Further, Matt Zavoral states in “The Effect of Shipping Costs on Customers: By the Numbers,” “36% of consumers that abandon their online shopping cart do so because of shipping costs.”


    So, how can your company make sure it is competitive when shipping orders by allowing the quickest, cheapest shipping possible? Partner with a fulfillment service provider, like Landsberg Orora!

    There are many pros to working with a fulfillment partner:

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    1. We handle the optimization & cost effectiveness of your packaging & shipping methods.

    We believe there's a lot more to product packaging than simply protecting your product. Packaging impacts everything from warehousing & distribution issues to the way your products will be displayed in the retail environment. Our specialists will create an all-inclusive packaging plan for your product to ensure that it is optimally positioned to sell.

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    2. Limit your overhead costs

    By not having to hire your own fulfillment team or keep goods in your own warehouse, you limit operating & storage fees. We can save you valuable warehouse floor space by storing your products & packaging in our warehouses across the country. Our experienced fulfillment team can package your product & ensure it arrives to its end destination on time & undamaged.

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    3. Improve your customer service.

    Our flexible workforce responds rapidly to quality issues your packaging encounters, ensuring that your product goes to market correctly & on time. We operate with the best practices in the industry to ensure that your customers get the right product in the requested time frame. We ensure your customers get the experience you envision with your products & packaging.

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    4. Utilize technological advancements.

    We incorporate state-of-the-art technology with a team of assembly & kitting experts to quickly & accurately pack your products. We have the experience, equipment, industry connections, & systems in place to provide you with an unmatched level of inventory control.

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    5. You can concentrate on selling.

    While we are busy filling your orders, you can focus on marketing & selling your merchandise. When you partner with us, you can be sure your products & packaging are taken care of & will arrive to their end destination on time & in full. 

    We offer a full-service fulfillment center that supports a variety of businesses & program types. We excel in B2B, B2C, & Direct-to-Consumer fulfillment for a wide range of consumer products.


    Whether you're a small business or an international corporation, Landsberg Orora Fulfillment Solutions has the flexibility & capacity to meet your needs. We offer a highly trained workforce that ensures even the most complex projects are assembled with the utmost precision & care.